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Welcome To accura supply chain

Accura Supply Chain Solutions is one of the most innovative companies Providing comprehensive logistical solutions to its clients.

A vision of one man, with expertise of 15 long years in this industry, Accura was set up to revolutionize the very perception of flow of goods. The team at Accura is an assemblage of zealous minds and expert skills of 12 years.

The Crew at Accura understands that the value of time and utility of space are the two most important aspects that cannot be compromised at any cost. Right from the point of origin to the point of consumption, Accura takes complete charge of the co-ordination and collaboration with suppliers, intermediaries and third party service providers much to the delight and peace of the clients.

And it is relentless working that builds a long standing working relationship with the clients and associates of Accure.

ACCURA is a supply chain management company focused on providing clients with fully integrated supply chain solutions that can respond quickly to the changing demands of the marketplace. We specialise in the management of the warehousing and outbound distribution of parts & accessories for clients in IT, Telecom, Lifestyle & FMCG.

At ACCURA we apply the principles of supply chain visibility, proactive exception management and have a hands on approach with all of our clients. We have IN BUILT technology to support our supply chain management efficiency to meet and exceed service beyond the expected level targets.

Why partner with ACCURA Warehousing Solutions

Our objective is to improve our efficiency, accuracy & speed. Single minded focus on operational excellence backed by leading edge technology. Experienced team of dedicated, well trained staff to exceeding customer expectations

What We Do


The simplest definition of a 3PL is a company that works with shippers to manage their logistics operations. Logistics can include elements of warehousing, freight rate negotiation..

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Freight Forwarding

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Customs Clearance

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Value Added

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How It Benefits You

Supply chain management can bring immense changes in your business scope & progress.

Reduce Cost Effects

Eliminate Errors

Improve Accuracy