3rd Party Logistic Company

  • 3PL Fright forwarding and Logistics will lower Overall Costs.
  • It is well documented 3pl management. Our services are matched with top 10 Logistics Company our collaborative planning between the key stakeholders in the supply chain will lower your cost.
  • Our TPL central software reviews Optimise Management Resources.
  • In a competitive environment it is important for companies to focus on a dominant brand strategy. Concentrate on your ‘core competencies’ and let ACCURA take care of the rest. ACCURA a fully equipped warehousing services in Bangalore. Not just limited to Bangalore our warehousing distribution services are all over India.
  • 3rd Party Logistic warehouse manager improves Working Capital.
  • 3PL will reduce the costs associated with carrying too much inventory.
  • Re-invest your spare cash into capital growth projects.
  • No more non-compliance bills.
  • Eliminate Errors.
  • No more non-compliance bills.
  • Our fully integrated EDI systems ensure accurate execution.
  • Unlimited Warehouse/Staff Resources.
  • We provide the flexibility for your business to react quickly to current economic conditions and eliminate the associated overhead peaks.
  • Whatever your needs are? We will ‘make it happen’. 3PL is modern day Mool Mantra for Supply Chain Management a leader in warehouse distribution management.
  • 4 Hour Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery
  • 24 Hour Delivery